Suitable for Years 9-13, this award program is designed to recognise students volunteer hours over the accumulative years they attend a New Zealand High School.

Key information regarding this program

School Kit is so excited to be involved in the launch of the new, nationally recognised SVA Student Service Award, for Secondary Schools. This programme has been developed in association with Sam Johnson and the Student Volunteer Army. It is a great way for your students to be acknowledged for the time they devote to volunteering in and out of school, and provide them with a way to record their contribution of time effectively.

Your school may already have a compulsory service project operating in your school, for any year level, and/or have a focus on student led service. The SVA Service Awards can sit alongside any service award system you may already have in operation in your school.

This is a tiered award system, based on hours of service your students engage in. A members pin is awarded to students who have completed 5 hours of service. They progress to bronze, silver and gold awards, when they reach the targeted number of service hours.

Each year, the one student in your school who dedicates the most time to serving others, is acknowledged for their efforts by being presented the Pounamu Award- a real honour.

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  • Q: What are the benefits of being involved in the SVA Service Awards?

    A: There is no cost to your school, it is time saving for your staff ( particularly the person/ people responsible for writing testimonials) and it is a really effective way for students to track their own involvement in service activities in and out of school, over the duration of their time at High School.

    Your students will have the ability to print out a comprehensive record of service, to show a prospective employer or tertiary institute the positive contribution they make to their community.

  • Q: How do you get involved as a school?

    A: School Kit needs to be connected with a key person/people in your school, who have the responsibility for student service. Send us the name/s, contact email and mobile number, your School Name, the role they have in the school and the best time to contact them to:

    We will then make phone contact with that person/ people and have a discussion about what your school is currently doing, in regards to service. Further information about the SVA Service Awards will be forwarded to them. Your key person identifies how many students in your school need to be acknowledged for their volunteering efforts.

  • Q: Is their a limit to how many pins you can request as a school?

    A: There is absolutely no limit. School Kit will forward you the number of free badges/ pins you request. Your responsibility is to decide on the right time, then you present the pins to the student volunteers as they complete the required hours for the various levels.

    Initially you will receive mainly members pins and a number of pins at the next level, in readiness for presentation as required.

  • Q: How is the tracking of service hours done?

    A:There is a web based platform on which your students will record their own service hours. It is an accumulative record of what and when a student carries out service, in and out of school. Each student who chooses to register will have an individual responsibility to record their hours accurately and honestly. This model is based on trust and your young people will need this explained to them.

    The key person/ people in your school will be sent an alert when a student/s have obtained the next level of recognition and we encourage you as a school to ask students to share their records with you.

  • Q: What counts as service?

    A: This Award System is based on helping others, with no personal financial gain for the individual student, or your school. Ultimately it is up to your school to decide what does or does not count as service hours towards the SVA Service Awards. Remember volunteering in and out of school can be credited. There were several grey areas, so we sought clarification from the SVA Foundation and it has been agreed that: caring for a grandparent, parent or siblings at home for no pay and Head Prefects, and any student leadership role do qualify as service. These students can include the hours they dedicate to these tasks. There does need to be an awareness of the difference between a hobby and a cause and it is important not to include hobbies.

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This Program was proudly sponsored by SVA