we are hiring.

We are currently searching for a Head of Teacher Relationships. School Kit holds relationships with 32,000 teachers across New Zealand. We’re a business of relationships and ideas. Our secret weapon is the visiting of 800 schools across New Zealand, every year. It’s something we love doing because we get to see a huge diversity of classrooms, learning and teaching happening every single day. This role is in charge of all teacher relationships with a special responsibility for planning, coordinating and conducting school visits.

Before we start… this job has some non-negotiables:

  1. The role is based in our Hamilton CBD office - we’re a small team and this role has key logistics elements that make working remotely or from home impractical.

  2. Travel is for 4 days of 8 weeks, every year - we pay food, accomodation and travel. You must have a family and/or childcare arrangement that makes this travel possible for you.

  3. You must have strong ICT skills and be a confident and enthusiastic adaptor to unfamiliar tools. We use Apple products only (all provided).

More details below but drop us a line at hello@schoolkit.co.nz, with your CV and a note about why you’d be great for the role.

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The out and about in classrooms bit

  • Visiting schools in 8 regions across New Zealand for 2 weeks of each school term.

  • Being excited, positive and enthusiastic about each and every classroom you visit.

  • Matching our School Kit resources to teacher needs and programmes.

  • Having a high level of attention to detail when documenting visits and teacher requirements.

  • Building positive, authentic relationships with teachers and education professionals.

  • Resilient, polite and positive when things don’t go as planned.

  • Comfortable with truly nationwide travel - you must love small towns as well as big cities.



The in the office bit

  • Handling teacher enquiries, questions and requests for clarification around all of our projects.

  • Responding to every teacher in a way that makes them feel like they are your #1 focus.

  • Organising logistics, visiting schedules and travel requirements for teacher visiting.

  • Managing your own learning to ensure a broad knowledge of the School Kit resources on offer.

  • Management of our teacher database to ensure precision and accuracy at all times.

  • Pitching in, packing, labelling and sorting when our Production Manager calls “All Hands on Deck”.



We’re looking for a mix of the following skills

Critical Analysis, Project Management, IT Savvy, Self Management, High attention to detail, Data Management, Good written and oral communication, Problem Solving, Solutions focussed. A memory for faces; a genuine interest in people and their stories; a willingness to learn new subject matter; resilient when plans change unexpectedly; an enjoyment of debate and discussion; a good general knowledge; a level of political and social awareness; an enjoyment in helping colleagues; a connection to or interest in Aotearoa-New Zealand’s bi-cultural history (and future).

We’re super-flexible on:

Holidays (remember this isn’t a teaching role - holidays reflect a standard NZ workplace) but we are happy to negotiate holidays as part of the final package.
Our travel schedule is fixed in Jan for the year, by way of mutual agreement of team members. Education sector experience - this is a job focussed on creating and maintaining relationships.

Salary range: $59,000 - $76,000 (depending on experience)