Suitable for Years 5-8, this classroom kit combines elements from statistics and physical education learning areas. Your students will create 32 World Records.

Statistical Investigation: Using a set formula to plan, conduct and collect data to support a world record attempt.

  • Compare existing world records against the criteria laid out in the secret formula.

  • Create their own world record statement based on the secret formula.

  • Document their attempts at their own world record and graph that data.  

Key information regarding this kit

  • This kit has been developed in partnership with Healthy Active Kids. Healthy Active Kids is funded by Nestle New Zealand. The programme is not connected with any Nestle product.

  • The DIY World Record kit will arrive in your school the week of 11th March.

  • To download the Teacher Guide for the kit click here. Having access to the Teacher Guide is important, as it is hyperlinked and brings all the learning alive. If you are having trouble downloading it, go to the ‘FAQs for any kit’ button at the bottom of this page for step-by-step instructions.

  • Every child will create their own World Record, by following the secret formula within this kit. Students will also have the opportunity to challenge each other and break the records they set.

  • The kit contains 8 stopwatches and measuring tapes for students to work in groups, 32 bunting certificates to celebrate each student's World Record, 32 cards that the students will write on to define their world record actions, and a Fact Sheet.


  • Every student must create and achieve a World Record.

  • The bunting certificate for each student in your class needs to be completed and displayed.

  • Teacher/student feedback about the kit (photo and/or reflection) needs to submitted to us no later than Thursday April 11th, 2019 (last week of Term 1). We will send you a link to submit your feedback closer to the time.

teacher feedback


Q: What if I find I am running out of time to teach everything before the due date for feedback, April 11th?

A: It is time to get creative and work out a way of meeting the deadline if at all possible. Put a day aside, maybe plan to have a Crazy Maths Day and go for it. You could enlist some help from older students/ volunteers, get the students to do the planning stage in their own time - there are lots of options.

Q: Where can I share our learning?

A: We know that teachers love to see what everyone else is doing and a great place to share your School Kit learning is on our group Facebook- School Kit Squad. Post a photo of your class with the postcard artwork or great examples of your students’ poetry. Share images on social media using #healthyactivekids and #schoolkit.

Q: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I just can not complete this with my class. What should I do?

A: It is important that you let us know as soon as possible. We need to work out a solution together.

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Classroom Kits have been sent out to registered teachers - please get in touch if yours hasn’t arrived.

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