Suitable for Years 4-8 and these classroom kits combine elements from the Literacy and Social Science learning areas.

Character cards reveal 16 different stories of a single day in Whitianga in 1769. Students cross reference and join together key moments to create a multi-faceted version of events. 'Guess Who' boards help students consolidate the story. Writing prompts see students develop their 'character' further before using chosen object (included in the box) to write a point of view story. Finally, students "re-discover" their objects in 2019 and, with video support from the curators of Auckland Museum's Tupaia and the Endeavour Exhibition, create their own museum display.

Our kits are always free but they do come with certain time-framed conditions.  Most often you'll be asked to return an image, a sample of student work, or a professional response regarding your learning experience within a certain timeframe. We will send a prompt for this feedback a few weeks before the due date and it may be worthwhile adding the feedback date to your calendar now.

Conditions are clearly outlined at the point of registration and you'll need to use your own judgement in regards to whether the kit suits you and your students.

Key information regarding this kit

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  • This kit is about different points of view. No one character in this story sees everything. Teach the valuable lesson of the danger of hearing only one side of the story. Use the kit elements to piece together the story in as many ways as possible - time, sound, location etc.


    We want this to be an experience that makes a real impression on your students. It's important to acknowledge that, especially for Māori, first meetings with Europeans could be a source of grief.


    The video links in the Teacher Guide give your students special instructions about how to use the objects. Add a bit of theatre here and you can have your students believe they are curating an exhibition for the Auckland Museum.

    DOWNLOAD THE TEACHER GUIDE You cannot complete this kit without the Teacher Guide. There is a link to the resource page in the email you received when your kit arrived at school. Or - go to for more info.


    Expect an email requesting teacher feedback from us on the 17th Oct. Your review can be conducted inside this email by adding photos and feedback. Push send and we'll take care of the rest.

teacher feedback

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  • Q: What can I do as a teacher, in preparation for teaching this kit?

    A: We encourage you to familiarise yourself with core parts of the Tuia 250 story and the content of the resource kit. You need to understand that the cards are all based on a moment in time - November 9th, 1769. The story is about that moment, written from multiple perspectives. Watch ‘The Danger of a Single Story’ to further your own professional learning.

    Q: What are the different cards for?

    Within the kit you will find character cards and these include 8 characters who are linked to the shore and 8 from the ship. Each character tells their story and information can be found about their background. The smaller cards are the object cards and each one is linked to a character. This adds another layer to the story.

    Q: What do we do with the actual objects?

    A: In the first instance hide the envelope of objects from your students. Students will use these to add to the narrative by writing from the perspective of the object they select. Invent a theory of how your object came to be in the envelope given to the Museum in 1954.

    Use the Exhibition Cards to create your own exhibition of the objects.

    Write an interpretation of the object that tells the story for someone visiting the exhibition.

    Hold an exhibition opening and invite people to come and see the story unfold.

    Q: When School Kit refers to ‘non-negotiable’ what exactly does that mean?

    A: It means that is the minimum expectation and it is what you have agreed to do, when registering for this kit. You agreed to send teacher/student feedback about the Tuia 250 kit to us no later than Thursday October 31st, 2019 (Week 3, Term 4).We will send you a link to submit your feedback closer to the time. Feedback will be in the form of responding to a few very short questions, on a link we will send you. You will be asked to upload a photo or teacher feedback there also. It is not designed to be an arduous task- it is what we use to help us deliver the best resources possible and the sponsors of the kit will get to see them what wonderful learning is taking place in classrooms across NZ, thanks to them.

    Q: What do I do if I need an extension for the Auckland Museum Tuia 250 Kit?

    A: All we ask is that you talk to us. You can phone any one of us ( a phone number can be found at the bottom of any email you have received from us), or email us on We are not fussy about how you make contact, but love you to let us know if you can not meet the agreed deadline. When making contact tell us when you can have the feedback to us by. We are very reasonable and understanding here at School Kit HQ, so will simply add a note to your file and then you will not be contacted again until we have received the feedback, by the new date you suggest.

    Q: Where can I find inspiring ideas for this kit?

    A: Join the School Kit Face Book Squad, if you are not already a member and then search ‘Tuia 250’ or ‘ Auckland Museum Tuia”. You will see all the posts that teachers have shared. This is a great way to glean ideas and you may see something that sparks an idea you may have never thought of. Remember to check out the Teacher Feedback above for this kit also, as it will be added as it becomes available.



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