Suitable for Years 5-8, this classroom kit combines elements from the mathematics and social science learning areas. Your students will follow milk from grass to glass.

  • Follow the journey of milk from the cow to the dairy factory, to your breakfast bowl.

  • Investigate volume, distance, scale and use the language of direction in context.

  • Trace a cow’s milk to a final destination - ice cream, cheese or milk in schools?

  • Discover some fascinating facts about dairy farming in New Zealand.

Our kits are always free but they do come with certain time-framed conditions.  Most often you'll be asked to return an image, a flipgrid, a sample of student work or a professional response regarding your learning experience within a certain timeframe.

Conditions are clearly outlined at the point of registration and you'll need to use your own judgement in regards to whether the kit suits you and your students.

Key information regarding this kit

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  • This kit has been developed in partnership with DairyNZ.

  • The Track the Tanker kit will arrive in your school the week of 6th May (Week 1, Term 2).

  • Access to the Teacher Guide for the kit will become available on this page closer to the time.

  • Every student will perform various mathematical tasks. Calculating volume, distance, temperature and using the language of angle and direction all feature.

  • The kit contains large maps with the tanker route plotted and farm data shown, access to an animation, 32 x ‘Cow maths’ task sheets, and various items which will enable your students to carry out their very own Track the Tanker Olympics.


  • Every student must complete a ‘Cow maths’ task and participate in the Track the Tanker Olympics.

  • Teacher/student feedback about the kit (photo and/or reflection) needs to submitted to us no later than Thursday June 20th, 2019 (Week 9, Term 2). We will send you a link to submit your feedback closer to the time.

teacher feedback

  • Coming Soon


  • Q: What if I find I am running out of time to teach everything before the due date for feedback, June 20th?

    A: It is time to get creative and work out a way of meeting the deadline if at all possible. Put a day aside, maybe plan to have a special Track the Tanker day and go for it. You could enlist the help of another class or colleague, or contact us to ask for an extension if need be.

  • Q: Where can I share our learning?

    A: We know that teachers love to see what everyone else is doing and a great place to share your School Kit learning is on our group Facebook- School Kit Squad. Post a photo of your class completing the Track the Tanker Olympics, or of them working out the maths. Share images on social media using #DairyNZschools and #schoolkit.

    We have also introduced a new feedback system recently and you will receive an email two weeks before the feedback due date. This will prompt you to give the kit a rating and respond to two questions and there is a place to upload a photo or two. If we have not heard from you by the due date we will send another request for the feedback. The emails will keep coming until we do receive that content, as we are working on behalf of the sponsors. We need to provide evidence that the kits produced with their funding have been used.

  • Q: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I just can not complete this with my class. What should I do?

    A: It is important that you let us know as soon as possible, by contacting us on We need to work out a solution together.

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