Suitable for years 0-3. This kit uses the artwork of Master-weaver Kohai Grace as inspiration. Designed to help your students find new, untold, real and imagined stories of exploring.

Our kits are always free but they do come with certain time-framed conditions.  It is important to note that when you register and receive a School Kit, you are agreeing to not only use the kit with your class, but to share some of the learning with us here at School Kit. We in turn will share that feedback with the sponsor of the kit, as they will be most interested to see what impact their kit has had in classrooms. In this instance the Exploring Kit is sponsored by New Zealand Maritime Museum.

Conditions are clearly outlined at the point of registration and you'll need to use your own judgement in regards to whether the kit suits you and your students.

Key information regarding this kit

  • There is a background story…When the Porirua based master-weaver Kohai Grace was a little girl she was asked by her teacher to write a school project on a great explorer of her choice. She chose the ancestral navigator Kupe but was told her project did not count because she had not chosen a real live explorer.
    Fast forward to 2019.Kohai Grace's black and white kahu toroa (cloak of albatross feathers) sits as the newest artwork in the New Zealand Maritime Museum. It tells a story of a contest between light and darkness; it tells the story of how the albatross came from the heavens to earth; it tells a story of the navigator Kupe as he discovers a toroa (albatross) colony on the island of Titapua; it asks us to consider a new way of understanding our nation's story. Most importantly, Kohai made this work for the little girl who wasn't allowed to tell her story in her classroom.

  • The Exploring Kit will use the elements of this artwork as inspiration for the theme of exploring.

  • It will be cross-curricular, allowing you to investigate the theme through science, literacy, story telling, numeracy, waiata, poetry, role play, Te Reo Māori and artwork.

  • Expect a kit designed to help your students find new, untold, real and imagined stories of exploring.

  • This is a kit designed for the Junior School and there is no Teacher Guide to download with this kit. Everything you need is contained in the kit.

  • If you have a colleague who would love to use the resource, but missed signing up for a physical kit, it is not all gloom and doom, as they can download the resource from the School Kit website. The resource will be available online after the kits arrive in schools.

teacher feedback

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  • Q: When School Kit refers to ‘non-negotiable’ what exactly does that mean?

    A: It is what you agreed to do, when registering for this kit. There is a date that you agreed to send us feedback by, for the New Zealand Maritime Musuem Kit, it is the first week of June, 2020.

    Q: How do I send in feedback about the Kit?

    A: We will send a form for you to respond to two weeks before the due date, with a few short, targeted questions and a place to load a photo or two. There is no need to wait to the due date for feedback and evidence of the kit being used in your classroom need not be taken from the ‘produce section’. The feedback is not designed to be an arduous task- it is what we use to help us deliver the best resources possible and the sponsors of the kit will get to see them what wonderful learning is taking place in classrooms across NZ, thanks to them. You can send feedback any time to us via email: also, and you may like to share with the School Kit Face Book Squad members.

    Q: What do I do if I can not meet the deadline for the Exploring Kit?

    A: All we ask is that you talk to us. You can phone any one of us, (a phone number will appear at the bottom of an email you have received from us), or email us. We are not fussy about how you make contact, but love you to let us know if you can not meet the agreed deadline. When making contact tell us when you can have the feedback to us by. One thing we want you to know is that if we do not hear from you, we will keep making contact with you, asking for your feedback, on behalf of the sponsor of the kit. Remember that is what you agreed to, at the time of registration.

    Q: Where can I find inspiring ideas for this kit?

    A: Join the School Kit Facebook Squad, if you are not already a member and then search ‘Exploring’ You will see all the posts that teachers have shared. This is a great way to gather inspiration and you may see something that sparks an idea you may have never thought of. Remember to check out the Teacher Feedback above for this kit.

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The Teacher Resource for this kit is currently in development. As soon as it is available for download - we’ll load it right here. Check back to this page for updates.

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