The back story...

After years working across a range of sectors including health, education, social services, retail, the arts sector and local/central government we got a little sick and tired of people always running down teachers.  

We’re passionate believers that teachers are awesome.  We believe teachers are a multi-skilled, multi-tasking set of professionals who change lives, work their guts out and do an increasingly complex job of creating magic out of thin air every....single…day. 

At the same time we got a little grumpy seeing government and commercial clients with admirable corporate and social responsibility goals being led astray and charged through the nose for stickers, pantomimes and colouring in sheets that were failing to achieve any measurable impact in the classroom.

So we created School Kit - a service that

  1. Visits your classroom bearing treats and School Kit notebooks;

  2. Provides you with innovative one-page teaching resources;

  3. Makes amazing free Teacher Kits and delivers them to your door;

  4. Curates sets of resources in response to your teaching theme.

New Zealand made and completely free... always.