The School Kit Team love a good class photo. Check out how we looked before our mothers stopped choosing our haircuts, when our childhood dreams were uncomplicated by mortgages and our eyebrows grew wild and free.

kim macpherson school kit.jpg

Kim MacPherson

School Visitor - Keeping Cool After School since 1987.

Kim started her kit construction experience early with a part time job as a kid in her parents' lolly repacking business. A career as Willy Wonka while it beckoned, was not to be for Kim who went down a more stable path of Science at Otago.

Suddenly distraught that a lab career might not mean a lifetime interacting with young people she tacked on a teaching qualification to her science degree and hey presto - Kim - Legend Teacher emerged fully formed from the nest!

Kim has already taught a cluster of world changers and future makers and we are excited to have her and her vision as part of our team (not least for those kit packing abilities).


Melissa Johnson

Production Manager and Hutt Valley Expert.

The signs were there - a dressmaker’s mannequin in her bedroom, making her own dress for the HVHS school ball. Then, a goal to save enough money to buy her first car, saw her apply for an after-school job at the iconic Hutt Valley Drapery - Evan’s. A certain satisfaction in finding the perfect combination of fabric, buttons, zips and thread was discovered and a career in NZ fashion followed. Rembrandt, Gregory, Andrea Moore and Ricochet all put her talents to great use until the Mighty Tron beckoned her Waikato-born husband home.

And then, suddenly, she found herself in, to put it kindly, a fashion production desert.

But…what is NZ Fashion’s loss is School Kit’s gain. Melissa brings a level of detail and an eye for the beautiful to our kits that they have never had before. As an added bonus she also provides excellent first hand knowledge of all things Hutt - this girl knows her Trenthams from her Stokes Valleys and her Alicetowns from her Petone Foreshores… and you’d be surprised how often that comes in handy.


Kylie Power

Chapel Choir Medal Holder and Company Founder

After receiving the class prize in Standard 2, ahead of T.R. Hancock, Kylie set her sights high. But....despite going on to receive the chapel choir medal (rumoured to be for attendance) a career in musical theatre was not to be.

An adolescence in Wanganui, with only her Yamaha Mint for transport, saw her develop a sophisticated, weather responsive algorithm which meant she could get home and back to watch ‘The Young and the Restless’ inside Period 4 and lunch without either her Dad spotting her from his place of work or being missed from 6th Form French. All this planning served her well in the logistics stakes and she went on to develop a fine career in retail, teaching and child health.

(It should also be noted that Kylie also won the WB Poulson Cup for Perseverance).

Kerrie Martin - School Visitor Teacher Relationships.jpg

Kerri Martin

School Visitor, Not afraid to use her Teacher Voice.

We knew from the outset that Kerrie was a mover and shaker and that she had a secret habit of converting entire rooms of her own house (paint job included) overnight as surprises for family members away on holiday. Basically Kerrie was 'The Block' before 'The Block' was even a gleam in TV3's eye.

Kerrie has worked in many educational roles including Assistant Principal, RTLB, Arts Advisor and Classroom Teacher. We're excited to have Kerrie bringing the same new lick of paint to School Kit that will mean wise counsel, more ideas than you shake a stick at, much giggling and service with a smile.

Liora Saad - School Kit School Visitor, Efficiency Expert, Saxophone Player

Liora Saad

School Visitor, Efficiency Expert, Locator of cafes.

Nicknamed 'Liora the Explorer' in her last job, Liora comes to us by a long wandering - not the least of which is her Mexican and Jewish heritage and saxaphone bat mitzvah performances; her Californian upbringing; her attendance at college in Washington DC during 2001 (we'll let you do the math); a thriving stationery empire, wellness and graphic design businesses.

This girl has a story so compelling that we're still pinching ourselves that she wants to work with us.

Emma Bettle School Kit.jpg

Emma Bettle

Hair Collector, Company Co-Founder

Aside from being the Rongotea 25m freestyle champion (U12) Emma never received a prize for anything but instead developed a not entirely natural obsession with lists and star charts. In a particularly unusual move, while other Brownies were choosing rubbers or stickers as the focus of their ‘Collector’s Badge’, - Emma chose hair. Yup - hair. Despite an unusual level of dedication (as opposed to talent) to jazz dancing, not commonly seen in her hometown of Palmerston North, her dreams of attending ‘Fame School’ in New York never eventuated.

Let's hope it wasn't due to those robust eyebrows right there.

In the end the list obsession proved far more useful and she went on to a career in teaching and project management.