find, apply, produce

Every School Kit teacher resource is divided into three parts - Find, Apply, Produce.  We developed our model in an effort to provide teachers with innovative teaching ideas that were robustly integrated with opportunities for authentic use of online sources for learning.



For us this phase is all about gather the content, up-skilling yourself and your students on the content knowledge and the background of your theme or concept. This often includes a essay or short video/documentary on the concept for your own professional learning for you as the teacher.  The Find section will always include suggestions of unconventional ways to gather, research, fact check, share and summarise information on your underlying theme or concept.



This phase of our pedagogy is about investigating your theme or concept via an aspect of the curriculum. We aim for an unconventional mix of learning areas and investigation of a curriculum area that allows for multiple outcomes and iterations.  Remember every underline is a hyperlink and so expect to be given multiple options for tangents your students' learning journey could travel.



These aren't A to B teaching resources. We consider teachers to be professionals who don't need step by step guidance.  The Produce phase of our pedagogy is a series of ideas about how you could evidence this learning by way of your students producing something entirely new.  No design a poster or writing an essay here. Our Produce section is all about students having the autonomy to imagine a project that evidences the skills or knowledge gained from the Apply section.