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If you have registered for a School Kit and lost track of expected arrival, key dates, where the Teacher Guide is, timeframes, details, your obligations etc then this is the place for you. Find more details by clicking on the relevant kit below.  

Discovery Box.png

WW100NZ Discovery Boxes

Discovery Boxes contain 32 items reflective of stories discovered in schools across New Zealand as part of the Walking with an Anzac Project.  Each item has been authentically reproduced to look and feel as close to the original item as possible.


World Record Attempt

Everything you need to create a statistical inquiry focussed on measurement, probability and multivariate data. Use our secret numerical formula and guarantee every student that participates a world record by the end of the inquiry.

Is it Cheese.jpg

Is it Cheese?

This Classroom Chemistry Kit focuses on what happens when acid, milk and heat collide. You will explore the material world through comparing chemical and physical changes.  Each student will have the opportunity to make plastic out of milk.


save the date

Want to know what we have locked in our diary already for School Kit. The list below is a summary of Classroom Kits we'll be making available over the next 12 months. If you're trying to do some planning and want a basic idea of what the next School Kit year looks like you can take a look here.  Send us an email if you'd like to know anything further.