Power it up

using paper circuitry as a method to explore electrical circuits

The Power it Up classroom kit is a way to explore various types of circuits - simple, series and parallel. Students will use copper tape to complete paper circuits which will bring a series of images to life. Circuits with switches and buzzers also feature. They'll then apply their knowledge of paper circuitry to a range of practical tasks, from creating board games to light up birthday cards and signs. 


key information regarding this kit

  • The Read Me sheet sent to you with the kit contains important information. You will also need to download the Teacher Guide.
  • Each student will receive their own 'Power it Up' booklet which they will use to create paper circuits and share their learning with family / whanau at home.
  • The kit also contains all the equipment needed to create 7 circuits - coin cell batteries, led bulbs, buzzers and copper tape. 

A gentle reminder of the non-negotiables with this kit: 

  • You will have until the end of the term to use the contents of the kit with your class and explore the scientific thinking behind paper circuitry.
  • Evidence of the kit being used in your class (photo and/or reflection) needs to submitted to us by Friday September 28th, 2018, or if using the kit in Term 4 (December 1st).
  • Be on time - don't make us use our teacher voice!

It would be wonderful if you also:

  • Share images on social media using #countiespower and #schoolkit
While our Teacher Guides are by no means compulsory, we hope you'll take the time to peruse and be inspired.  
Only schools in the Counties Power region have been eligible to receive this classroom kit. 

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