Is it cheese? Kit


This Classroom Chemistry Kit focuses on what happens when acid, milk and heat collide. This is robust scientific inquiry able to scaffolded up or down to suit Years 3-8.

FYI: acid + milk + heat doesn't always = 🧀. Be prepared to put your thinking caps on and spend a small amount of time getting to grips with the science before you start. This kit will see you using the same ingredients to create cheese AND plastic.

The Teacher Guide for this one is all about exploring the material world through comparing chemical and physical changes. It's good science knowledge stuff and we're excited to support you to discuss these science concepts with your students. 

Key information regarding this kit

  • Download the Read Me Sheet. It contains crucial information regarding the Teacher Guide, the kit contents and what to purchase to complete the kit. 
  • The kit contains enough ingredients for all your class to make a form of plastic from milk and for two types of cheese to be made as a class demonstration, instruction cards and fact sheet (including all the science behind the task).
  • Some milk (approximately 3L) will need to be provided by you.
  • You will need access to a stove top or hot plate as well as a microwave.

A gentle reminder of the non-negotiables with this kit: 

  • You will have approximately 6 weeks to use the contents of the kit with your class and explore the scientific thinking behind 'Is it Cheese?'
  • Evidence of the kit being used in your class (photo and/or reflection) needs to submitted to us by Thursday June 28th, 2018.
  • Be on time- don't make us use our teacher voice!

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