Ingredients Voucher Kit

get creative with your $50 voucher. 

Improve nutrition, increase health knowledge and promote physical activity amongst your students by exploring your chosen Healthy Active Kids resource.

  • Hide Veggies in a Cake: Looking at the nutritional value of vegetables and creating cakes which substitute vegetables for some of the ingredients in the cake. Taste-test these against a control cake and see if another class can guess the vegetables hidden in the cake.
  • Make Kawerau Kimchi: Investigating the nutritional value of lunches from around the world and supporting students to create their own internationally inspired healthy lunch.
  • Fake or Real? A Taste Test: Investigating the impact that colour has on our perception of taste. Creating and taste-testing naturally flavoured versus artificially flavoured cupcakes and evaluating these.
  • Change The Way You Think: Looking at our perception and the way we are influenced by social media and marketing - how these impact the way we view food, nutrition and healthy body image.

Key information regarding this kit

  • You will receive a $50 voucher for your chosen supermarket. 
  • Please use this voucher to purchase ingredients for use in your classroom with your chosen resource kit. 
  • You can download everything you need by selecting the resource kit of your choice to the right under "Teacher Resources".

A gentle reminder of the non-negotiables with this kit: 

  • You will have six weeks to use the resource kit with your class.
  • Evidence of the kit being used in your class (photo and/or reflection) needs to submitted to us no later than Thursday June 28th, 2018.
  • Please be on time - don't make us use our teacher voice!

you can Submit your content here:

A reminder that you need to return evidence of student work, a photo of your class engaging with the box, your own teacher reflections on learning etc to us by 28 June.

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