The best ideas for a class service project

Right now there are close to 32,000 kids in 1000 classrooms across New Zealand who have unwrapped their Student Volunteer Army (SVA) kits and are full steam ahead planning their class service projects. It's so very cool to think about the collective good about to be injected into communities in unexpected ways.

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Ideas to StealEmma Bettle
How far to roam?

I had a childhood of endless suburban summers in Palmerston North. For those that don’t know, Palmerston North was originally a massive swamp and this meant that it is criss-crossed with a series of drainage creeks and storm water drains.

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The 10 Commandments of Teaching

We’ve been thinking about the essential elements, the basic principles of everything we create. We’ve had a lot of discussions about what is and what isn’t negotiable.  It has lead to a manifesto of sorts and because of that we’ve been taking the time to read a broad range of teaching manifestos.

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