Do Anzac Day differently and Walk with an Anzac


The search for "good Anzac teaching resources" is on and we wanted to make a plea for teachers to make any Anzac and First World War Inquiry work both authentic and local.  

In 2014 School Kit was commissioned to deliver the Walking with an Anzac Education Programme in New Zealand Schools. The brief  was unexpected - not to commemorate famous battles, not to learn the history behind medals or even to study our famous war heroes but to support New Zealand classrooms to develop their research skills through the discovery of local stories of First World War soldiers.

We created a Discovery Box containing 32 of the best stories our team found in New Zealand schools but the real lesson has been that our own community story is all around us, everywhere, if we just teach ourselves and our students how and where to look.

1000 teachers across New Zealand currently have access to a First World War Discovery Box of ephemera. While the hard copy versions of the box are no longer available you can still conduct the same inquiry by downloading the box items and printing out your own copy. Each item is an authentic reproduction of a real item found in a New Zealand school and leads to a real story about a real person.  

If you want to change the focus of your Anzac studies this year we encourage you to use this site and re-print the items to engage your students in authentic and independent inquiry. Don't forget to use the When We Search Fact Sheet to help your students research independently. We promise a compelling journey of discovery.

Overall the School Kit Team visited 2400 schools and documented 2752 items with a connection to the First World War.  School staff took the time to show us trees, medals, chairs, trophies, flags, badges, diaries, photographs, plaques, Rolls of Honour, churches, drive us up distant country roads to visit old school sites, rang locals in the know, opened long locked rooms and clambered into dusty school attics. It has been nothing short of an obsession, highly emotional, exciting and a huge honour.