Maps that tell stories

I love maps.  But the ones I love the most are the ones that tell us a story as well as show us where to go or how to get there.  The kinds of maps on tourist tea towels from the late 70s,  the maps that are rolled up in my grandfather’s garage, and the maps that give us information through a particular lens (buildings, or historic figures for example) are my favorites.

It is clear then, that I would love to have a map such as this one in my classroom.  Imagine the uses for a map such as this?  Creating a New Zealand version for a start – even just of authors’ birthplaces.  One for lines of poetry that described specific places, for great NZ paintings, for the training ground of olympians – past and present.

Sending your students out to investigate, gather, filter and contribute to a class creation of real and lasting significance.  Hmmmm…

Emma Bettle