We’ve been talking a lot at work recently about story telling. The general consensus in our team is that if there isn’t a story, then it just won’t went.  We haven’t met the people at Like knows like but we have a funny feeling they might agree with us.

This project is an independent side-project that isn’t about making money it is about “sharing love”.   The creators of Likeknowslike decided to “make documentaries about the people we admire. With our films and photos, we celebrate the bond between follower and artist. We meet our online loves offline. Through the documentary form, we gain deeper insight into the artist and satisfy our own curiosity”.


When the team says ‘follower’ they mean social media follower – on instagram, tumblr, twitter etc. The digital world is often criticised as volatile and shallow but we love the idea of our own students developing a community of individual designers, writers, readers, scientists, thinkers that they follow on social media (perhaps via a personal feedly)  and then creating profiles of them.

To make the  ‘Like Knows Like’ project and its chosen angle of incidence a success, the documented artist writes, posts, links or embeds his involvement on his own social timeline. It reminds us a little of an online version of Sam Cunnane’s passionfruit project and we think the way this project has extended the connections is exciting and relevant to the new era of teaching currently being seen in New Zealand.

Each video is a mini documentary that is well worth checking out just on its own.  See them here and be inspired.