Can you eat yourself?

We’ve been falling a little in love with VSauce.  They are an answerer of questions and an explainer of things in a way that we have never quite seen before.  Their curation of YouTube that reveal the amazingness of our world is amazing – we absolutely love their sense of humour, their clear cut explanations of how stuff works and why a certain idea wouldn’t and the sense of cool they bring to explaining why or why not it would be sensible to eat your leg if lost in the woods.

I’d use these guys as back up explainers in my classroom.  They make the world a better place and they are way cooler than Ripley’s Believe it or Not (don’t lie I know you know whatI’m talking about!).  Get your class on twitter and ask them some questions right away – because as they say ” Our world is amazing”.

You can tweet your questions at the VSauce Crew via @tweetsauce