The history of {insert topic here} in 100 objects

I am a bit of a hoarder of nostalgia – or rather the objects from my life that generate important memories.  My Brownie badges, every single thank you card any student ever gave me and a pile of tickets from the church dances that my grandparents attended in their courting days.

In reality they have no actual financial value and yet I wouldn’t throw away a single item from my collection of ephemera.

This is because objects make us smile.  They are tangible things with memories. When we hold them and turn them over in our hands they generate strong emotions. There is a recent trend internationally to summarise the history of things in 100 or 50 objects.  The British Museum and the BBC have “The History of the World in 100 Objects”.  My favourite though is the New York Times and their “History of New York in 50 Objects”  is fabulous – including everything from bagels to NY taxis.

It got me thinking.  What a great idea for a class project – the history of our school family/our community/New Zealand/our town etc in 32 objects.

Just a thought.