The best ideas for a class service project

Dear Platoons

Right now there are close to 32,000 kids in 1000 classrooms across New Zealand who have unwrapped their Student Volunteer Army (SVA) kits and are full steam ahead planning their class service projects. It's so very cool to think about the collective good about to be injected into communities in unexpected ways.

Sam Johnson from the SVA has made this little video for you all to say welcome and good luck - his enthusiasm is pretty infectious don't you think?  We can see why he was such an effective leader in mobilising the SVA in the wake of the Christchurch Earthquake.

We know it’s report writing time and influenza season and that this lethal combo has hit a lot of you (teachers) hard.  The thought of getting out and about in sub zero temperatures might not be all that appealing right now. We get it.

Hand over the reigns. Your students have got this.   Be there in the wings offering a reality check when it's needed but if you let your students own this project from the outset we think you might be surprised at what they can do.

What your kids need first though is a great IDEA to propel them out of the starting blocks and give them a spark.   Here at School Kit, we specialise in IDEAS, so we’ve compiled a few for you to mull over.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be on a huge scale it just needs to be something beyond your school gate because that’s the very essence of this challenge.

Here's a few more cool ideas to ponder:

  • Pitch in with a local riparian planting project in a local waterway (ask your Regional Council if there's anything in the pipeline you can jump onboard with - they may even provide the plants!)
  • Make soup for a Ronald MacDonald House (just like Limehills School in Southland).
  • Design and construct a Fit Path in a busy public place to get people (young and old) connected and active.
  • Make 'Book and a Blanket' care packages for kids who are admitted to hospital or donate them to a local foster care organisation.
  • Collect and donate winter coats or shoes to an organisation like the Women's Refuge.
  • Knit or crochet hats for babies and donate them to a hospital or local Plunket office.
  • Construct a Little Free Library in your neighbourhood.
  • Make a ‘Before I Die’ chalkboard in a public space.
  • Conduct a school-wide food drive gifting hampers of food to local charities.
  • Beautify a public space in an unexpected way e.g.  yarn bombing or if crocheting is a tad ambitious, try stringing up homemade lanterns, bunting or mobiles.
  • Help restore a special place in your community - perhaps there is outstanding maintenance to be done on a local marae or the fence around the public playground needs a paint.
  • Pick up rubbish at a beach with a unique twist - seed bomb unsightly public areas while you're at it or play around with some other guerrilla art or random acts of kindness - you'd be surprised at how many smiles you could generate simply by plastering googly eyes on inanimate objects!


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