School Kit gives you the skinny on our home town.

  1. Grab a naughty snack:  At Duck Island Ice Cream - if you haven’t tried this before you leave Hamilton you are seriously….missing….out.  Blackberry and Sage, Toast and Jam, Orange Blossom and Cacao Nib, Fairy Bread, Goats Cheese and Strawberry Hibiscus Jam, Rhubarb Sichuan Peppercorn - different seasonal flavours
  2. Best cheap eat: The Chilli House - try the Sichuan Dumplings for under $10 or a bunch of other awesome, authentic street-food style snacks. Green Onion Pancake anyone?
  3. Best walk to relieve the ULearn overload:  Check out the Mighty Waikato River - you can’t see it but it runs through the centre of the city and has pathways along each side. Enter the pathway from anywhere and loop to the nearest bridge and back.
  4. Outstanding Coffee Fix in the City: Look for a Rocket sign (most Rockets are hidden but the sign is the clue) or head to Mr Milton’s for amazing barista service, a lean on the counter and a chat.
  5. Best Coffee on the Eastside: Grey Gardens (grab a Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich to go) or take your caffeine intake down a notch and try their Malted Milk.
  6. Best low key shared team de-brief: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Shared tables, Whole Chickens, great salads, excellent pie and mac and cheese balls with twistie dust - Enough said.
  7. Got the boss’s credit card and ready for a flash night out: Chim Choo Ree or Hayes Common - both owned by local couples with entrepreneurial genius.  These guys work their guts out to bring you fresh seasonal, innovative food. If you’ve got the $$$ - they won’t disappoint.
  8. Update your wardrobe: Harper has a huge range of teaching staples, great service and an even better sales rack #everyonelovesabargain.
  9. Over ULearn and up for a wee class trip? Try a walk round Cambridge - the best nicknack and ‘I didn’t know I need it but I do’ shopping are on Empire Street, while the best cocktails are at Pony.
  10. A sweet treat to end the day: Maria’s baking at River Kitchen - ask for the Caramel Slice….change….your…life. You’ll be begging her for the recipe. This woman is a baking genius - everything you remember from your childhood and more.
  11. Bookshelf selfies: Check out the iconic second hand bookstore, Browsers, just over the bridge in the city. An amazing selection of second hand books and a secret kids section of childhood nostalgia.  Comfy chairs and a book shelf that will blow your mind.
  12. Look up:  Thanks to recent work by street artists and the Boon Collective we have an amazing collection of street art adorning many formerly disused and unloved spaces. Check out Hamilton East and the Central City if the weather clears. Cath loves the dog in the alleyway off Alexandra Street.
  13. Best Team Tattoo location:  Grab a permanent reminder of your visit to the mighty Tron with a visit to the city’s most iconic tattoo artist, Borneo born Ali Selliman of Flax Roots Tattoos. Also part of the mighty Underwater Collective.
  14. Local Craft Beer Geniuseses: Conduct your own personal learning inquiry into local craft beer at Good George establishments (across town and in Cambridge). While all the standards are great we have a special place in our heart for the Black Doris Cider.
  15. Come and see the Mighty School Kit stand and say hi - we’ve got lollies and we love you xo
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