Introducing Tropes to your students

This morning on my way to work I listened to an interview with Lorde and I was really excited to hear her say that she was a feminist and that "a lot of girls think it's shaving under their arms and burning bras and hating boys, which just seems stone age to me. Websites like Rookie, Tavi Gevinson's website, are good for that kind of thing and educating girls on what it means to be a feminist."

Oh 'Lorde' - I hear what you are saying - potentially my worst teaching moment ever was when I asked my class of Year 13 girls (students at an actual girls' school) if they considered them to be feminists - 90% of them turned up their noses at the idea.  It was so sad - they didn't want to talk about feminist ideas or theories because they felt it put them in a hairy armpits/hate boys club.  I was shocked and I told them so.

Maybe Lorde will change the view teenage women have on feminism - I hope so. It is hard to successfully introduce feminist concepts to your class and I think a pop culture example is a great way to do it.  Enter the 'Smurf-ette' Principle stage right.  Our students really identify with this type of example, it isn't too threatening, they know the content and the point is made very clear.  I think this video by Feminist Frequency does it well.