I search for Middle Earth, what do you do?

 In this article Jared Connon, supervising location manager for The Hobbit, describes himself as a ‘paid tourist’.  We think that as far as job descriptions go, that wins hands down!

Jared has worked at finding the perfect locations for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.  In  As supervising location manager, his role is finding and managing the right locations for filming.  This is a  huge job description that involves everything from temporary roading to access a site and tented villages to cater for the cast and crew to logistics and permits.

Connon says, having the ability to find great locations involves interpreting the director’s vision and turning this into “realistic filming options”.  A location scout  needs,  “to understand not only the director’s requirements but also the environments they are suggesting the director considers. These considerations range from the way the light works on a landscape, through to how noisy the neighbours may be, and often what risks each environment may pose to a production.”

Connon loves the outdoor nature of his job and the fact that it allows him to meet new people and explore beautiful parts of the country.  It seems that some of the skills that help Jared excel at his job are; an empathy with and respect for nature and the environments he works in, photography skills, a head for organisation and logistics and a real passion for his work.

Definitely another career option to explore and to think that this is only one of reportedly hundreds of jobs involved in making a movie.