Do not be scared of poems

Get NZ Writing has a set a brave goal for 2019. Inspire 96,000 students to write their own unique and fabulous poem. A crucial part of this project involves the story tin (to be found in your kit box). Every student in New Zealand will use these 13 items to inspire their poems.

This means you’ll need to download the Teacher Guide - it is this one page document that holds key instructions of how to turn the items in the tin into poems of awesome. Our goal is success for every participating student - this guide holds tricks and tips that helps you achieve that. The best thing is that your students get to exchange their poetry with another class somewhere in New Zealand. Take the time to make those poems fabulous.

This grand experiment will only work if we show our students how much words can do. As teachers we need to demonstrate being excited about words in front of our students. Show your kids that you love words (and poems) - the sound of them, the shape of them, the taste of them. Let’s Get NZ Writing.

Key information regarding this kit

The Read Me in the box contains crucial information - it's also important that you download and follow the Get New Zealand Writing teacher guide. 

  • You will also receive an A1 (large) poster that your class will complete together and this gets sent, with your completed postcards, to your buddy class.

  • Your kit will contain 32 postcards and each postcard is part of a larger quote based artwork.

  • Every postcard will have a student’s carefully selected poem, based on one of the secret items from the tin, recorded on it. 

  • If you've got fewer than 32 students you'll need to ask some students to write more than one postcard. 

  • It is important that you allow adequate teaching time, before the collection date on 27th March.

teacher feedback


Q: I received the email to say my GNZW Kit was on the way, but it has not turned up, so what should I do?

A: You can track the kit, using the info in the email you received. If your email shows the package as ‘delivered’ then someone at your school signed for it. You will need to go into detective mode at your end to locate it. If your email shows your package as in transit for an extraordinarily long time, please let us know and we can chase it at our end. Email us on

Q: I have less than 32 students in my class, do I still need to complete all the postcards?

A: Yes, you will need to work out a way to make that happen, because without 32 postcards, the collective poster will be incomplete. Your class are exchanging their writing with another class elsewhere in NZ and they will send you a full set in return.

Q: How should I make up the full set of postcards if I have fewer students than required?

A: This is a great opportunity to extend your top writers. Ask them to select their favourite 2 or 3 completed poems, to transfer onto the postcards provided. If you have a small class, consider pairing up with another class and inviting them to join you when working through the activities and writing the poems.

Q: Help! I am running out of time to teach everything before the pick up on March 27th.

A: It is time to get creative and work out a way of meeting the deadline if at all possible. Put a day aside, make it a Get New Zealand Writing Day and go for it. It is important to scaffold the students in your class through the process of how to get to the end goal. The class poem sheet and the 32 postcards need to be in the courier bag for pick up.

Q: My students are younger, so some of the activities seem a little above them. How can I adapt them?

A: Model, model, model…work through the tasks together and give them lots of examples. The A1 poster that you need to complete, along with your 32 postcards, to send to your buddy class, could be worked through as a class activity- it will be lots of fun!

Q: How do I go about forwarding our work to our buddy class?

A: You have a return courier sticker attached to a courier bag in your kit. Place the class poem sheet and your 32 completed postcards inside and seal it up. Place your courier bag at your school office by the end of Tuesday March 26th. The courier will collect your pack on the 27th March.

Q: The courier did not turn up to collect our package, what do I do now?

A: Give it a day and then let us know here at School Kit HQ. Email to let us know and we will chase NZ Post on your behalf.

Q: Where can I share our learning?

A: We know that teachers love to see what everyone else is doing and a great place to share your School Kit learning is on our group Facebook- School Kit Squad. Post a photo of your class with the postcard artwork or great examples of your students’ poetry. Share images on social media using #getnzwriting and #schoolkit. The funders @warehousestationery would also love a shout out or a thank you.

Q: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I just can not complete this with my class. What should I do?

A: It is important that you let us know as soon as possible. We need to work out a solution together, to help avoid your buddy class being left feeling disappointed.



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