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How do I download the Teacher Guide so I can use it?

There are some simple steps to follow:

  1. You'll need to go to the link for the School Kit you require in Teacher Resources.

  2. Add the resource to your cart.

  3. Click on the cart icon (top left hand corner of the web page).

  4. Follow the checkout process.

  5. Add your email address - in the Payment info (don't worry - it's all free) enter your name and school address.

  6. The file will be emailed to you & you'll be able to download.

  7. Open the download within 24 hours and it is yours to use. If this is not opened/ saved within the time frame it will time out and you need to go through the process again.

what does teacher feedback mean?

Feedback will be in the form of responding to a few very short questions, on a link we will send you closer to the due date. You will be able to upload a photo also. It is not designed to be an arduous task- it is what we use to help us deliver the best resources possible. Feedback is forwarded to the sponsor of the kit to show them what wonderful learning is taking place in classrooms across NZ, thanks to them. We love teachers who share, so we welcome posts showing examples of your students’ learning on the School Kit Facebook Squad Page. If you would like to share images on social media, please use the tag #schoolkit

i can’t meet the Deadline…What do I do?

All we ask is that you talk to us. You can phone any one of us (a phone number will appear at the bottom of an email you have received from us), or email us on

We are not fussy about how you make contact, but love you to let us know if you can not meet the agreed deadline. When making contact tell us when you can have the feedback to us by. We are very reasonable and understanding here at School Kit HQ, so will simply add a note to your file and then you will not be contacted again until we have received the feedback, by the new date you suggest.

what does non-negotiable mean?

The minimum expectation and what you have agreed to do, when registering for a classroom kit. Each kit’s non-negotiables are different but most contain a timeframe or due date. Read carefully before signing up for a kit so you are fully aware of the commitment you are making.

my Kit never turned up what do i do?

As of this year we have tried to help you self manage the tracking of the school Kits you register for. As soon as they are packed and leave School Kit HQ you can expect an email from us. Within that email there is a link to click on, allowing you to track your School Kit. You can see in real time, where it is in the delivery process. If you have not received your School Kit a week after receiving the email to say it is on it’s way, please let us know:

I am unable to use the kit I ordered- help?

Do not panic, we are here to help. Sometimes things happen that are absolutely out of your control and here at School Kit we fully understand that. All we ask is that you contact us as soon as you know there is a problem and are unable to make use of the kit you registered for. Together we will decide on the best thing to do going forward.