DIY World Record Kit

You're going to love creating your own world records. 

Everything you need to create a statistical inquiry focussed on measurement, probability and multivariate data. Use our secret numerical formula and guarantee every student that participates a world record by the end of the inquiry.

Key information regarding this kit

ReadME HAK.jpg
  • Download the Read Me Sheet. It contains crucial information regarding the Teacher Guide and the kit contents. 
  • The kit contains enough equipment to work in 8 groups to complete the world record attempts.  
  • Make sure you're all over multivariate data - this will need some careful teaching!  
  • Download the Bunting here (if you need to make some more). 
  • Download spare definition cards here. 

A gentle reminder of the non-negotiables with this kit: 

  • Every student must create and achieve a World Record.
  • The bunting certificate for each student in your class needs to be completed and displayed.
  • Evidence of the kit being used in your class (photo and/or reflection) needs to submitted to us no later than Thursday June 7th, 2018.
  • Be on time - don't make us use our teacher voice!

you can Submit your content here:

A reminder that you need to return evidence of student work, a photo of your class engaging with the box, your own teacher reflections on learning etc to us by 7 June.

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