WW100NZ            Kit

We’re excited to hear stories of you unpacking the boxes and discovering the stories.

Ultimately the WW1 Discovery Box is about developing research skills - searching, refining, persevering via the lens of First World War stories. The When We Search Fact Sheet is designed to support your students to research independently. We encourage you to make sure that every student has one.

Key information regarding this kit

The Read Me sheet in the box contains crucial information. It is important you understand that the items' stories cannot be understood without visiting the accompanying website.

There are no rules with how you decide to use this box but we thought you might like some suggestions.

Senior Primary:  Consider using the items as symbols of the people they represent. Have each student read the story of their item, find the soldier records. Then utilise one of the resources from the Teacher Resource page and turn the item into a character for the students to write letters to or design food items for.

Intermediate: Your students should be aiming to achieve the first 3 research tasks.  All are bespoke and customised to the individual item.  We would suggest utilising the Pinterest Boards to help them in their quest.

Junior Secondary: This will depend on the ability level of your students. The tasks are rich and varied and you’ll need to support your students by introducing them to the platforms. Because students will engage with a range of primary and secondary research material there is the opportunity to set this up as an assessment. Each item’s story is independent and genuine and has the ability to be researched much further. 

Every story/item has a corresponding Pinterest Board where we’ve pinned a huge amount of starter content - please do not underestimate how much these might save your teacher sanity. Depending on the level of your students you can choose to introduce these up front or keep their existence a secret.

It’s been our privilege to work with schools and the relatives of these soldiers to put this box together. We have loved it more than any other project we’ve produced so far.  


you can Submit your content here:

A reminder that you need to return evidence of student work, a photo of your class engaging with the box, your own teacher reflections on learning etc to us by the 25th April (Anzac Day).