About us

we love teachers

At School Kit we got a little sick and tired of people always running down teachers. We’re passionate believers that teachers are awesome. We believe you’re a multi-skilled, multi-tasking set of professionals who change lives, work your guts out and do an increasingly complex job of creating magic out of thin air every….single…day.


We also know that the educational profession is a fast moving, ever changing landscape.

Teachers constantly have to respond to political, funding and social change (and that’s before you even get in the classroom).

So, we’ve created School Kit as a place to go for your regular update of educational sanity.  A place where beautiful, relevant resources and cutting edge ideas have been collated and curated for your to perusal.

As well as providing stunning, stimulating, content that you can pick up and use in your classroom we also wanted to celebrate the role of the teacher. Because it seems that our country has forgotten to show their appreciation for this group of modern day superheroes – whose skill set must now cover not just teacher but parent, social worker, child development specialist, business manager, healthy eating supervisor and life coach.

School Visits


  • We visit 100 schools in a week

    Yes it is like a military operation and no we won’t tell you how we do it.

  • 800 School Visits a Year.

    Our goal? Visit every classroom in New Zealand. Don’t believe us? Follow us on instagram.

  • Little Green Envelopes

    We’re famous for them -packed with postcards of goodness and opportunity. A different combination every single time.

  • You’ve got mail

    Check your pigeonhole because we like to send presents – often.

  • We love iTunesU

    Our best resources are housed as Collections and Courses on iTunesU. Easy and free to download.